Sign Regulations

The most current sign regulations were adopted on July 17, 2007 and can be viewed/printed by viewing New Sign Regulations - 2007 (PDF).

Provisions for highway signs were subsequently adopted in 2008 and can be accessed at Highway Sign Overlay Provisions (PDF).

Design Review Required

As noted in Section 154.482, permanent signs for commercial, industrial, institutional and multifamily residential projects require design review and approval by the Architectural Design Committee (ADC) before a zoning certificate will be issued and the sign can be installed. The following sections summarized the submission requirements for ADC review. These requirements are noted below or available in printable PDF format by viewing Sign Review Requirements (PDF).

Submission Requirements for Signage

Applicants shall submit one Application for PC-ADC Review and four (4) copies of the following items:

Scaled Site-Plan Showing

  • Location and setbacks of all existing and proposed buildings, accessory structures and existing signs (building-mounted and free-standing)
  • Location and setback of all proposed signs (building-mounted and free-standing)
  • Existing and proposed easements for public and private utilities
  • Landscaping associated with proposed free-standing signs

Scaled Drawings of Each Sign Showing

  • Sign dimensions, display area and overall height
  • Supporting structure and/or sign base (including dimensions and height)
  • Proposed graphics & lettering (fonts, letter height, etc.)
  • Materials and colors of all sign faces, support structure and/or base, graphics and lettering, etc.
  • Proposed illumination

Submission Deadline

The Architectural Design Committee meets on the second and fourth Monday's of each month at 4:30 p.m. at: 2019 Meeting Schedule (PDF) 

City Council Chambers
120 Maple Street

The submission deadline is at 4:30 p.m., which is 17 days prior to the meeting. For more information, see the current year's meeting schedule:   

Permit Requirements

Prior to installing signs approved by the Architectural Design Committee, applicants must obtain a zoning certificate from the city. Building and electrical permits, if required, must be obtained from the Medina County Building Department. Use the following links for copies of the zoning certificate and application (both the application and certificate are required). View Development & Zoning Permit Application (PDF).

For more information about commercial building and electric permits, please contact the Medina County Building Department or view Medina County Building Department.


Fees to be paid at the time of pickup of the approved zoning permit:
50 sq. ft. or Less           - $50.00
51-200 sq. ft.                 - $100.00
Greater than 200 sq. ft. - $150.00 + .10/sq. ft.