Online Filing

Our change to using RITA for tax services has resulted in one big difference which many have asked about: You are now able to file your city tax return online. However, you must do this at the RITA website. RITA is projecting their online filing program will be open for use on February 9. Please note: When you set up your online account, you need to complete your registration by clicking on the link in an email confirmation you will receive from RITA before you are able to file your tax return.

RITA now has a "FastFile" option. This application allows individual taxpayers to file basic returns (no schedule income) as a guest - no login requirement. Fast File offers a more intuitive and quicker process for filing. The tax return and payment will be submitted to the Agency electronically, thereby eliminating printing, mailing, data entry and imaging requirements. However, you need to know your credits and estimates paid before you begin to file. You can get that information by calling the RITA help desk at 1.800.860.7482 - this is an automated service available 24 hours a day. When using FastFile, the information you enter is not saved, so you must complete your e-filing in one session, or you will lose all data you have entered.

Do not attempt to e-file your city tax return from a consumer tax preparation program (Turbo Tax, H&R Block, etc.) At this time these programs do not interface with the RITA network. However, your tax professional may be able to use their tax preparation program to e-file your city tax return, depending on which program they use. If your return is e-filed, whether by a tax professional or you submit it yourself, you do not need to also file a paper copy or provide any documentation unless you are contacted by RITA asking to do so.