Income Taxes

The Income Tax Code is found in Chapter 34 of the Wadsworth City Codified Ordinances. Effective January 1, 2012, the City of Wadsworth income tax rate changed to 1.4%. For tax years prior to 2012, the City of Wadsworth income tax rate was 1.3%. You receive up to 1% credit for income taxes paid to your city of employment.

Effective July 1, 1981, every person or entity is required to file an annual tax return for each year or portion of the year you have earned income (earned income also includes gambling or lottery winnings) and you reside in or conduct business in Wadsworth. Wadsworth residents who have no taxable income for the year are required to file a Declaration of Exemption the first year you are completely retired. Provided you present the required documentation (as outlined on the Exemption form), your account will be inactivated. You do not have to file in future years unless you have earned income.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please see the Finance, Income Tax section here.

Presently the income tax supports the:

  • Capital Improvements
  • General Fund
  • Recreation Fund
  • Street Fund
  • Street Improvements

Visit the Tax Allocations page for more information.

Refunds for Working From Home

Application for Income Tax Refund Related to COVID-19

For Tax Year 2021 - complete and submit RITA Form 10A 

You must check the box at the top of Form 10A if any portion of your application for refund is related to your working from home or a location other than your regular place of work because of COVID-19. If you worked in a non-RITA municipality, and will be requesting a refund from that municipality, you should file your RITA return as if you have received this refund. Once you receive the refund, if the amount is different than you expected, you may need to amend your Wadsworth return.

For Tax Year 2020 - complete and submit RITA Form 10A

You must check the box at the top of Form 10A if any portion of your application for refund is related to your working from home or a location other than your regular place of work because of COVID-19. The refund may not be available until litigation over this issue is completed (see Buckeye Institute, et al., v. Columbus City Auditor, et al, Franklin County Common Pleas Court Case No. 20-CV-004301.)

RITA will hold your request for refund in a suspended status until this litigation is concluded. Should the conclusion of this litigation determine that a refund is allowed, your request for refund will be processed at that time. Should the conclusion of the litigation determine that a refund is not allowed, you will receive a notice that a refund is not available to you. You should still file the refund request form as soon as possible, since there is a three-year statute of limitations to request a refund. RITA's suspended status of the refund serves to extend this time period if the event the litigation is not resolved within that time.

You should have filed your 2020 city tax return as normal, claiming credit for any city taxes withheld as reflected on your W-2. Should the court rule the refunds are allowed, you may be required to amend your city tax return, or to file an additional city return.

Call RITA for more help at 800.860.7482.

Registration for New Taxpayers

You have a legal duty to know and comply with all tax laws. If you are unsure if you are subject to Wadsworth tax, please contact the City’s Income Tax Office at 330-335-2745. We do not recommend using the State resource known as The Finder to determine tax paying or filing obligations. 

The City’s income tax program is administered by The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) in Brecksville, Ohio. If you are a new Wadsworth taxpayer due to: moving into the City; conducting business in the City (with or without employees); reaching the age of 18; or being annexed, you may register online at the RITA website ( or contact the Income Tax Office at 330.335.2745 for a registration form.

The City has an employee who serves as a liaison between residents and RITA and assists residents with tax issues. Questions can be directed to the Tax Office at 330.335.2745 or via email.

Tax Help

The Income Tax Office is located on the first floor of Wadsworth City Hall, between the Utility and CityLink Customer Service windows. Income tax help will be available to residents on an appointment only basis, weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Also, a drop off service is available. For more information, please visit the Free Income Tax Assistance page, or refer to this document.

During tax season, there is typically extended hours for assistance. Wadsworth residents can go to any RITA office or on-site event, and receive free city tax assistance. Please see the RITA website for locations and the assistance schedule. All the city tax forms are available on the RITA website. Call RITA for more help at 800.860.7482.

After April 15, please call before coming in to check assistance availability and schedule an appointment.

Please note: We are not able to access information you bring in on a portable storage device (flash drive, etc.) You must either bring in paper copies of your information, email your pdf file to the Income Tax Officer, or large files can be uploaded to the City’s FTP site. Please contact the Income Tax Office at 330.335.2745 if you have questions regarding this.

Fraud Tips

If you suspect that someone is not paying tax or is a business not sending in withholding, give us the information and we will check it out. By law we cannot give you detail about a taxpayer’s filings, but you can be assured that the information you give will be checked to be sure that appropriate taxes are filed and paid. You can contact the City Auditor with the pertinent information.

Change of Address

If you move during the year, please report your address change to the City Income Tax Office at 330.335.2745 or