Income Tax Allocations

How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent

Income tax funds are expended to administer income tax activities, and support the operations of the General Fund*, the Recreation Fund, the Street Fund, Street Improvements and Capital Improvements. Income tax dollars for the past three years were allocated as in the table below.

On a cash basis, the City of Wadsworth collected in income taxes:

Allocation to:

General Fund$8,099,274$7,079,383$6,754,990
Recreation Fund$96,000$96,000$100,000
Street Fund$736,400$1,097,600$1,120,000
Street Improvements$1,011,280$931,446$957,493
Capital Improvements$597,500$385,000$540,000
Debt Service$753,442$753,097$691,049

* Please note: The General Fund allocation provides funds toward the operations of:

  • Airport
  • Auditor
  • Building and Planning Department
  • Cemetery
  • Courts
  • Engineering Department
  • Fire Department
  • Health Department (Dog Catcher)
  • Human Resources Department & Civil Service
  • Law
  • Mayor, Council
  • Parks
  • Police Department
  • Safety Director
  • Senior Center
  • Service Director
  • Treasurer