Finance Office

The Finance Office is made up of two parts:

Treasurer's Office

Lisa Jones is the Treasurer for the City of Wadsworth. The Treasurer's Office is generally responsible for collection of monies, recording revenues, making deposits in proper bank accounts, keeping accurate records of receipts and disbursements, demanding and receiving all property taxes and assessments, reconciling checking and other bank accounts, and investing the City's excess funds, together with miscellaneous functions such as certifying Assessments on Real Property.

Auditor's Office

Catherine C. Fix, CPA is the Auditor for the City of Wadsworth. The Auditor's Office is generally responsible for the accounting and reporting functions for the City. These responsibilities include processing payroll, accounts payable activities, maintaining capital asset records, legal compliance, and budgeting. In addition, the Auditor is charged with the collection and reporting of City Income Taxes.