Building Department

The City of Wadsworth Building Department is the permitting and inspecting agency for all 1, 2 and 3 - family residential construction projects within the City limits. 

Looking For Permit Info? 

Covid 19 Update

Due to recent government and health agency directives the City is attempting to protect its employees by limiting their exposure to the possible transmission of the Corona Virus from the general public:

● To limit in person visits, please call or email us with questions.
● Please submit any Planning, Zoning or Building applications or plans by mail if possible and
    provide an email address.
● Payments (checks) may accompany the applications, or be made after permit approval with a
    credit card by phone.
 ●Receipts and permits will then be returned by email if possible or mailed.
 ●Please call the office for instructions on handling large sets of plans, or with other questions.

Jennifer Stefl (Permit Processing) 330-335-2753
Kevin Hall (Building) 330-335-2780
Jeff Kaiser (Planning Zoning) 330-335-2752


Building Inspections are generally performed weekdays between 9:30-11:30AM and 2:00 to 4:00PM 
Inspections need to be scheduled before 9:00AM the day of the inspection.
Electric Inspections are performed on weekdays and must be scheduled by2:00 PM the day before the inspection. Unfortunately inspection times cannot be scheduled. 

January 2021 Inspection Calendar

Also See: Inspection Guidelines

Remote Building Inspections
The City Building Department may allow remote inspections for projects with scheduling difficulties with prior approval. Contact Kevin Hall (above).
Please see the Remote Building Inspection Instructions below for video content requirements:

Videos may be sent sent via to

*After uploading your video to your computer, right click on your saved file and click on “send to” “compressed zip folder”. Then follow the procedures on the webftp website.

Important Contacts 

New Construction Information
Are Permits Required
Building Permit & Inspection Guidelines
Builder's Checklist 
Electric Service Requirements
New 2019 Ohio Deck Code
Residential Code of Ohio 2019
Significant Changes in the 2019 Building Code
Energy Compliance Paths Form 2019
Wall Bracing
Building Permit & Inspection Guidelines

Contractor Registration & Permit Information


Commercial electrical and HVAC contractors obtain their registration from the Medina County Building Department.

Contractor Registration Application
Residential Electric Permit Application
Residential HVAC Permit Application
Residential Permit Fees
Electric Service Requirements
Elec & HVAC Registration & Permits

Roofing & Siding Permit Applications Must Include Plan Review & Building Permit Applications

Roofing Guidelines
Roofing Plan Review & Permit Application
Siding Plan Review & Permit Application
Accessory Structure Guidelines (PDF)
Deck Construction Guide (PDF)
Fence Regulations (PDF)
Post Frame Construction (PDF)
Ramps (PDF)
Retaining Walls (PDF)
Swimming Pool Regulations (PDF)

 Outdoor Construction 

Accessory Structure Guidelines (PDF)
Deck Construction Guide (PDF)
Fence Regulations (PDF)
Post Frame Construction (PDF)
Ramps (PDF)
Retaining Walls (PDF)
Swimming Pool Regulations (PDF)

Demolition & Miscellaneous Documents

Basement Remodel Plan Review (PDF)
Copper Piping (PDF)
Demolition Application (PDF)
Gas Lines Exterior (PDF)
Hydronic Piping Regulations (PDF)
Masonry Fireplace (PDF)
Solar Power Permit Procedures (PDF)
Wood Stoves and Solid Fuel Appliances (PDF)
Stairways (PDF)