Chief of Police Randall M. Reinke

Chief Randall Reinke was promoted to Chief of Police on February 3, 2010 and is the sixth police chief of the Wadsworth Police Department. Chief Reinke began his career as a patrol officer at Wadsworth PD in 1992 and was promoted to sergeant in 2000. Along the way, he has been a member of the Medina County SWAT team, sergeant in the patrol division and detective bureau, and been named 'Officer of the Year' two times.

Chief Reinke graduated from the prestigious Northwestern University 'School of Police Staff and Command' in 2008 and also holds a BSBA degree from Kent State University. He served in the U.S. Army from 1985 through 1992 and was deployed in the first Gulf War in 1991.

Lieutenant David Dorland

Lieutenant David Dorland began his career as a law enforcement officer at the Wadsworth Police Department in 1994 and was promoted to Sergeant in 2000. He was recently promoted to lieutenant in June of 2016.

Lieutenant Dorland grew up in Canton, Ohio.  He graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1993 and from the University of Akron Police Academy in 1994.  He later attended the School of Police Staff and Command and graduated in 2009.

  1. Randy Reinke

    Randall M. Reinke

    Chief of Police

  2. Dave Dorland

    David Dorland