City of Wadsworth Credit Rating

Standard & Poor's Affirms the City Of Wadsworth's AA+ Rating On Subordinate Lien Income Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds

Standard and Poor's Ratings Services has again rated the City of Wadsworth as AA+ on its Ohio's series 2016 subordinate lien income tax revenue refunding bonds (funding the Community Center.) The rating reflects 2015 financial results, as well as an expectation that income tax revenues will continue to provide the needed debt service for the future. This is based on recent results and trends in income tax collection, as well as our income tax base (a diverse employment base in Wadsworth and nearby cities), and Medina County unemployment rates.

Standard and Poors rating on 2016 subordinate lien income tax revenue refunding bonds (PDF)

Standard & Poor's Affirms The City Of Wadsworth's AA Rating On General Obligation Bonds

In its summary of May 22, 2017, Standard and Poor's Ratings Services affirmed the City of Wadsworth rating as AA on its general obligation (GO) bonds. The rating reflects Standard and Poor's assessment of a number of factors, details of which are outlined in the summary document at the link below. They include assessment of the City's economy, strong management with good policies and practices, budgetary performance, liquidity position, strong management, debt, the City's contributions to retirement and pension funds, and a good institutional framework score.

Standard and Poors General Obligation Rating Summary 2017 (PDF)