Auditor's Office


The Auditor's office received The Auditor of State Award With Distinction for the year 2020. This is the sixth year in a row this award has been received. This award was based on filing a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, timely financial reports in accordance with GAAP, and a "clean" audit report (no findings for recovery, material citations, material weaknesses, significant deficiencies, or single audit findings.)

The Auditor's Office participates in the Government Financial Officer's Association (GFOA) Excellence in Financial Reporting program and has received a Certificate of Achievement each year since 2008. This certificate is awarded for our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. This report must satisfy both generally accepted accounting principles and applicable legal requirements.

The City of Wadsworth continues to demonstrate a sound and conservative approach in financial management as recognized by Standard & Poor's AA rating. See Credit Rating.

Fraud Tips

To report a tip on fraud or potential fraud, email or call 330.335.2742. Feel free to provide the information anonymously. If you choose, you can leave your name and phone number.

To report a tip on fraud or potential fraud to City Council, call their 24-hour number, 330.335.2716 and leave a message. If you choose, you can leave your name and phone number.

Additionally, the Ohio Auditor of State's Office maintains a system for the reporting of fraud, including misuse of public money by any official or office. The system allows all Ohio citizens, including public employees, the opportunity to make anonymous complaints through a toll free number, the Auditor of State's website, or through the U.S. mail.

Fraud Contact

Auditor of State's fraud contact information:
Phone: 866-FRAUDOH (1.866.372.8364)

Ohio Auditor of State's Office
Special Investigations Unit
88 East Broad Street
P.O. Box 1140
Columbus, OH 43215

State of Ohio Auditor Website (search for Fraud Center)

Further Information

If you have questions regarding City Income Tax, please contact the Income Tax Office at 330.335.2745 or email

If you have a question about an Account Payable, please email