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Robert Patrick, Director of Public Service

Robert Patrick was appointed Director of Public Service by Mayor Robin Laubaugh in 2014. As Director, Mr. Patrick is the executive head over the unique and robust City Service Departments, manages the citywide budget, acts as the Public Information Officer, and represents the City on various boards. The Director is involved in the day-to-day administration, project planning, and implementation of the many departments that provide services to the residents, businesses, or internal City operations. Those departments include Electric and Communications, Buildings and Parks, Engineering, Information Technology, Planning, and Code Enforcement (Building and Zoning), Solid Waste Collection and Disposal, Streets and Storm Water, Soprema Senior Center, Utility Billing, Vehicle Maintenance, Water Resources and Wastewater, Water Treatment, Wadsworth Municipal Airport, and WCTV (Wadsworth Community Television).

The City is proud to perform these duties that allow customers to have reliable and efficient services and more offerings than other communities can provide.

Beth Lucas

Beth Lucas is secretary to the Director of Public Service and to the Assistant Director of Public Service / Economic Development Director and can be contacted at:

Phone: 330-335-2708

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