Electric Department

The City of Wadsworth has owned and operated its own electric distribution system since 1916. Electricity is purchased from a diverse portfolio of power supply sources and serves over 13,000 customers. Local ownership ensures a greater commitment to service for residential, commercial, and industrial users. 

The municipal system is highly reliable due to a high tech automated distribution system that minimizes outages.

Public Power

Wadsworth Electric is driven by public service, not profit. Our customers are our neighbors, friends and families and that's what makes our utility unique. As a Public Power Community, our loyalty is to our customer-owners-not to making profits for stockholders. We help to make Wadsworth a good place to live and work by providing reliable power at an affordable cost. That's what Wadsworth Public Power is all about.

Established in 1916, the City of Wadsworth Municipal Electric system is a premier power provider to all community residents. Wadsworth electric provides the best possible service at the most reasonable cost. In association with American Public Power Association and American Municipal Power (AMP), the City of Wadsworth stays abreast of industry trends and legislative, regulatory and safety issues.

Main Location & Substations

Our location at 365 Broad Street makes customer convenience easy and accessible. This division installs and maintains electric lines, meters, street lights, ballfield lights, and traffic control lighting. Substations are located in strategic locations in Wadsworth and Sharon Center to serve customer load reliably and efficiently.

Peak Rewards is Now Called Wadsworth Community Energy Savings Program

Wadsworth's Peak Rewards thermostat program expired in 2022. This year, we have a new Smart Thermostat program called Wadsworth Community Energy Savings program that offers participants one-time incentives and rebates when they join. 

How to Join 

  1. Install and enroll your smart thermostat in the program. 
    1. Receive a $55 e-gift card after successfully enrolling in the program. 
  2. Purchase an eligible smart thermostat if you do not already have one. 
    1. Find eligible thermostats here: https://www.thermostatrewards.com/amp/faq
  3. If you purchased a new smart thermostat for this program, apply for an Efficiency Smart® rebate (up to $170). 
    1. Apply for a rebate here: https://www.efficiencysmart.org/wadsworth-ohio.
    2. Submit an online request for a bill credit if you were in the old Peak Rewards program. 
  4. Submit your request here: https://www.wadsworthcity.com/990/thermostat-rebate.
    • Past Peak Rewards members are eligible for a one-time bill credit of up to $100 to recoup the unreimbursed cost of purchasing a new smart thermostat. 

Which Thermostats Qualify 

Most popular brands offer a range of smart thermostats compatible with the new program, including Nest, Honeywell, Lux, Sensi, Vivint, Amazon, and Alarm.com. 

Note: The old Peak Rewards program thermostats are not compatible with this new program.

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