The City of Wadsworth Engineering Department is responsible for providing many services throughout the city.  Engineering staff responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Acting as liaisons with consultants, contractors, engineers, developers, and utility companies for public and private projects
  • Assisting individuals with tax and topographic maps, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main locations
  • Completing project design and management from preliminary planning to escrow closeout
  • Construction inspection
  • Designing  and contracting the construction for total replacements of existing  storm sewer systems as well as defining the areas where new systems are  needed to convey the storm water
  • Drafting
  • Engineering and engineering reviews
  • Establishing subdivision and site plan requirements for all development within the City
  • Inspection of the installation of improvements to ensure conformity with approved plans and specifications
  • Preparation of applications and administration of grant programs
  • Providing city engineering services to other city departments
  • Public assistance
  • Research and administration
  • Reviewing and comment on traffic studies
  • Surveying
  • Updating and maintenance of the capital asset infrastructure inventory

Department Transition

Thank you for your patience as we transition the department. We will reply to your inquires/requests as quickly as possible.

Staff Updates

After 23 years of dedicated service to the City, Tom Tucker retired on July 21, 2017. Larry Jenkins is now the Interim City Engineer.