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Aug 30

Moment with the Mayor for August 25, 2018

Posted on August 30, 2018 at 3:04 PM by Cathy Porchowsky

Moment with the Mayor for August 25, 2018
First Friday Pirate Palooza
Ahoy, me hearties! Main Street Wadsworth’s September First Friday event on September 7 could be the site of swashbuckling adventures and daring deeds at the Pirate Palooza downtown! Since ‘Talk like a Pirate’ is recognized on a day in September, the Main Street organization thought it would be fun to adopt a pirate theme this month. A live band will be playing on College Street and temporary tattoos will be available. Look for Piper the Therapy Pirate Pup in the library and if you’re lucky, you might even find Captain Jack Sparrow wondering around! Wear your eye patch and join the fun beginning at 5:00 p.m. on September 7!

Taste of Wadsworth
The annual Taste of Wadsworth will be held on Wednesday, August 29, from 5-9 p.m., in the parking lot between the library and the Valley Café. Tickets will be sold that evening to use toward the purchase of delicious food samples from 25 different restaurants and food trucks. The vendor with the most tickets at the end of the evening will determine the awards. It’s a great way to please everyone at dinnertime!

Back to School
Director of Public Safety Matt Hiscock reminds us that with the end of summer approaching, and our children and grandchildren going back to school, it is more important than ever to think about driving safely around school zones. Help keep pedestrians, especially kids, safe in school zones by following these tips: Slow down! Speed limits in school zones tend to be five to 10 miles per hour below the normal posted speed. Watch for pedestrians, especially on sidewalks and around driveways, intersections and residential neighborhoods.
Stop for buses. Passing a stopped school bus is against the law. If you must drive through a school zone, give yourself extra time. Being in a hurry near pedestrians is never safe. Especially in highly populated areas, pedestrians may assume that because they can see your vehicle, you can see them and will stop. Avoid distractions like using a cellphone or looking for something in your car while driving in a zone with pedestrians. Being aware of pedestrian safety is important not just in school zones, but anywhere people and cars are close together. Remember these tips next time you drive: Always look for pedestrians crossing your intended route. Do not pass a vehicle that has stopped to allow pedestrians to cross the road. Beware of your pedestrian blind spot. When making turns, it is easy to miss seeing a pedestrian hidden by the corner posts between your windshield and side windows. Use scanning and turn your head to see around the areas framing your windshield. Be sure to watch for pedestrians, especially children, who might dart out mid-block from between parked vehicles. Look for pedestrian crossing signals and signs that require vehicles to stop mid-block for pedestrian crosswalks. At a stoplight, check to make sure there are no pedestrians crossing in your path before you proceed. Be especially alert for pedestrians and children when backing out of driveways or parking spaces.

Until next week………

Mayor Robin Laubaugh