The City of Wadsworth provides water, sewer, and telecommunications services through the city. Keeping these services local means we are driven by our customers and not by profit.

We work together as a city so when businesses need information on utilities, they can contact our Economic Development team for one-stop-shopping. We can help you get rates, information on capacity and connected.

For information on utilities, please visit the City of Wadsworth Utilities page concerning the services that the City offers.


The City of Wadsworth has owned and operated its own electric distribution system since 1916. Electricity is purchased from the American Municipal Power of Ohio, a group of municipally owned and operated electric system throughout Ohio, and serves over 12,500 customers. Local ownership insures a greater commitment to service for residential, commercial, and industrial users. The municipal system also provides free street lighting, free electricity for city operations, and rates for customers which are significantly lower than those available through privately-owned utilities. In addition, the system is highly reliable due to a well-designed loop system that prevents brownouts and minimizes outages. The City presently has seven substations.

Through our electric program we can offer the Efficiency Smart program which means energy efficiency upgrades can result in rebates directly to your company. We also offer the Peak Rewards Program helping companies manage their usage and reduce their rates.

Wadsworth Peak Rewards

Save Money. Save Energy. Go Greener.

Peak rewards is a new voluntary program for City of Wadsworth electric customers that helps to reduce high-energy demand when it counts most - during the hottest summer days when thousands of central air conditioners are running at the same time. When you enroll, you’ll earn $25 right away, and then $40 every summer that you participate in the Peak Rewards program. Visit the Peak Rewards website or call 866-224-8287 fore details on the Peak Rewards program.

Time of Use

Now, you can choose what you pay for electricity by when you decide to use it - and take more control over your electricity costs than you’ve ever had before - by voluntarily enrolling in the Time of Use / Wadsworth Right Time Pricing program. Web-programmable thermostats with in-home displays let you easily access important usage data from inside your home to help save money and energy by having your electric rate correspond with the time that energy is used - higher prices during peak hours and lower prices during off peak. The homeowner chooses the best times to operate certain higher-energy appliances and systems to allow for savings on their utility bill. Visit the Right Time Pricing website or call 866-224-8287 to for details on the Right Time Pricing program.

Cable / Internet

CityLink is our cable, internet, phone and home energy company to bring all of your IT services under one umbrella.  VoIP runs over our fiber network and keeps your business running smoothly.