Public Service Announcements

WCTV provides free public service announcements for non-profit organizations. Please submit these at least 2 weeks in advance of the date of your event.

If you have a public service announcement you would like to air on WCTV's Public Access Channel 18, please email the information. We encourage you to create your own ad, or email us a flyer that has been created so it will look exactly like you want it to look. We also require that the ad be created in landscape format (not portrait), so it will maintain its quality when posted to WCTV.

School Related Announcements

If you have a Wadsworth City Schools-related announcement for WCTV's Educational Access Channel 16, please email us the information.

Government Related Announcements

Tune into WCTV's Government Access Channel 17 for government-related announcements. Please contact Cathy Porchowsky by email with questions regarding announcements on WCTV Channel 17.