About WCTV

Few communities can boast about having their own television station, but the City of Wadsworth can. WCTV (Wadsworth Community Television) is a PEG access television studio owned and operated by The City of Wadsworth. WCTV operates four channels - Public (Channel 15 on CityLink or Channel 1023 on Spectrum), Educational (Channel 16 on CityLink or Channel 1025 on Spectrum) and Government (Channel 17 on CityLink or Channel 1024 on Spectrum), and Community Announcements on Channel 18 (CityLink only). WCTV's programming is currently available on CityLink Cable and Spectrum Cable systems, and online, anytime on any computer or mobile device at WatchWCTV.com.  

WCTV was started in 1983, and offers an abundance of free services to residents of Wadsworth. You can produce your own television show using cameras, tripods, microphones, lights, and editing systems for post production - all provided free of charge. We also provide the training needed to operate the production equipment. A fully-equipped studio is also available for community use, complete with 3 robotic cameras, graphics software, audio system, and green screen capabilities.

Local Programming

Surely you've enjoyed tuning in to WCTV to see your neighbors, friends and community leaders, your children's or grandchildren's school, plays and concerts, church services, and the annual Blue Tip Parade. You can also learn what is going on in the city government by watching live coverage of City Council, Planning Commission, and Board of Zoning Appeals, as well as taped delays of Cable Commission, Economic Development, and Public Safety, Public Service and Public Ways Committee meetings.  Public meetings are broadcast live on WCTV channels 17 & 329 on CityLink Cable, and channel 1024 on Spectrum Cable at scheduled times.  Public meetings are also live-streamed at WatchWCTV.com, and available there for on-demand viewing at a later date.

If you're a sports fan, you are sure to appreciate WCTV's ongoing commitment to bringing the community first-rate coverage of high school sports, with local announcers giving you the play-by-play action.  You are sure to see a professional quality production that compares to any national sports broadcast.

Public Service Announcements

In addition to quality local programming, WCTV also provides free public service announcements to non-profit organizations, FREE personal greetings such as birthdays or anniversaries, and you can download any of our programming on WatchWCTV.com. Tune into WCTV for school and community announcements including school closings, leaf pick-up, emergency alerts, and more.


The highlight of the year is always the presentation of The WCTV Clapper Awards in November, given to the producers of the best programming on WCTV throughout the past year. The viewers play a big part in choosing the winners, and the awards ceremony is broadcast on WCTV for the whole community to see.