Summer Lawn Sprinkling Schedule

Since 1994, Wadsworth has implemented a mandatory lawn sprinkling schedule between June 1 and September 30 for all users of the City's water system.

Watering of shrubbery, trees, gardens, flowers, animals and pets is permitted.
Day Watering Status
Sunday Even Numbered Addresses
Monday No Sprinkling
Tuesday No Sprinkling
Wednesday Odd Numbered Addresses
Thursday Even Numbered Addresses
Friday No Sprinkling
Saturday Odd Numbered Addresses

Impacts of the Schedule

Compliance with the schedule on the part of our residents has been exemplary and had very beneficial effects. Before the schedule was adopted, water demand was growing by about 5 percent per year. Yet even though our community has grown significantly, average daily water demand has increased minimally thanks to conservation measures such as compliance with the sprinkling schedule. View a graph to see the dramatic benefits.