Industrial Conservation Measures

The importance of conservation has not been lost on industry in Wadsworth. The Wadsworth plant of Advanced Elastomer Systems has a good story to tell in this area.

Conservation Efforts

Through focused effort and careful investment, Advanced Elastomer Systems' Wadsworth Plant has achieved a significant reduction in water consumption - from 42 million gallons in 1994 to 4 million gallons in 2006. By comparison, an average Wadsworth household uses more than 82,000 gallons per year. View the AES Water Usage Graph.

Early conservation efforts revolved around measuring where water was being used in the operation and installing automated shut-offs to reduce usage during down times. In addition a closed loop re-circulation system was installed in 2000 which reduced usage to the levels seen today. The total cost of implementing the conservation efforts was approximately $80,000 with a payback period of less than two years.

The result has been a win-win for the company and the community. The company achieved lower operating costs, and the lower demand allowed the City to delay investment in water supply facilities.