Energy efficiency and COmmunity benefit programs

The City of Wadsworth offers a number of programs designed to help its electric customers control their electric costs, take advantage of energy saving rebates, and earn monetary rewards while helping reduce high-energy demand -- all with the ultimate goal of lowering everyone's electric bill by reducing peak power demand.

Right Time Pricing

Customers participating in the Right Time Pricing program have the opportunity to take control of their electric costs by shifting their highest energy use to 'off peak' demand times when pricing is lower. With access to information provided by a programmable thermostat (for those with central air and a broadband connection) or an in-home display, customers can choose what to pay by deciding when to use electricity.

The program is open to both residential and commercial customers and the right time pricing device is provided free of charge. 

Peak Rewards

Peak Rewards allows City of Wadsworth electric customers to reduce high-energy demand when it counts most: during the hottest summer days when thousands of central air conditioners are running at the same time. When you enroll, you'll earn a one-time $25 credit on your utility bill (within 60 days of the device installation) and a $10 credit each month, June through September.

Join now and we'll install your choice of a web-programmable thermostat inside your home or an outdoor switch near your central air conditioning unit. These devices will automatically "cycle" your air conditioning unit on days when electricity demand is highest, helping to reduce demand when it counts most. During these times, your unit's fan will continue to run, circulating air throughout your home.

Efficiency Smart

The City of Wadsworth joins other public power communities who are members of American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) in Efficiency Smart, a program of energy efficiency services for residential, commercial, and industrial Wadsworth Electric Customers.

For residential customers, Efficiency Smart offers discounts on energy-efficient lighting, rebates for energy-efficient appliances and equipment, and free removal and financial incentives for recycling secondary refrigerators and freezers - incentives and rebates from $10 to as high as $250! Additional information can be found on the Efficiency Smart page.

Technical Assistance & Rebates

Looking to cut costs in your business? Efficiency Smart offers a wide range of incentives and technical assistance to meet the needs of your company, including helping you implement energy-efficient measures that enhance your business' profitability. Rebates are available for businesses in participating communities through both the Business Energy Rebates program and the Custom program. Eligible projects include energy-efficient lighting, HVAC, compressed air, refrigeration, food service, and more, with program qualification determined by your annual electric usage.

The decision to participate in any of these programs is completely voluntary. Learn more by clicking on the links above and get started on energy savings in your home or business!

One-Bill System

The City of Wadsworth prides itself in offering efficient and user-friendly utility service, including offering a one-bill system, which combines electric, water, sewer, sanitation, cable, Internet and storm water utilities in one payment. As the City constantly aims to improve upon its service to Wadsworth's homes and businesses, it is now offering the 'next generation' of utility service. To continue to provide our homes and businesses with the most reliable service, the City of Wadsworth conducted a citywide upgrade of its water and electric meters. The new system ensures accurate meter readings and notifies the City of any problems with services that need immediate attention.

Automated Meter System & Leak Detection

The meter improvements have already contributed to savings for the City and for its utility customers. Beginning in 2010, the new remote system has detected over 2500 water leaks for the City's customers. Installation of the water and electric meters allows the City to read the meters remotely, saving on time and expenses required for employees to physically go out to read meters.