Street Improvement Program

Long-Term Street Maintenance & Repair Financing

In 2011, Wadsworth residents voted to approve an increase of 0.1% to the City's income tax rate - commencing January 1, 2012, for a 10-year period. This money is set aside in a separate fund to finance a long-term street maintenance and repair program.

Annual Program

With this funding, the city has been able to improve the quality of roadways since the inception of the program. The City is able to perform over 5 times more work than in years prior to the income tax increase. 

The annual program generally consists of 3 areas: Asphalt resurfacing, concrete slab reconstruction, and preventative maintenance. 

Asphalt Resurfacing


This process generally includes 6 steps: necessary replacement of underground utilities (water, sewer and  or storm sewers lines or catch basins), milling or grinding of old asphalt or concrete, repairs to the roadway base, placement of an intermediate course of asphalt, placement of a final driving course of asphalt, and striping / pavement markings. For roads without curbs, an additional step of grading occurs at the edge of pavement.

Concrete Slab Repair 

Concrete streets that have areas of cracking or movement of slabs receive repairs to all or a portion of the roadway. This process generally takes 5 steps: necessary replacement of underground utilities (water, sewer and or storm sewers lines or catch basins), removal of old areas, preparation for new concrete, pouring of new concrete, and striping/pavement markings.

Preventative Maintenance

To ensure the maximum life out of roadways and to ensure the greatest return on investment, preventative maintenance is an important part of the program. Different treatments that are considered include crack sealing, pavement sealing, and chip sealing.  

Annual Funding

The collection began in the second half of 2012 and has increased over the years with the increase in income tax collections due to the growth the city has experienced. The income tax generates approximately $900,000 a year that is spent on the program.


The results after the first five years of the program have exceeded expectations. The following graphics show the streets that were done in the 5 year period prior to the income tax approval the end of 2011, and the streets that have been completed in the 6 year period since:

SIP Map Presentation 2007 thru 2011
SIP Map Presentation 2012 THRU 2017

Feedback or Questions

The Mayor and City Council are thankful to the residents for approving this program. It is our goal that you have experienced the results in the improved roadways city-wide. If you have questions on the program, please contact the Director of Public Service Office at 330-335-2708.