Leaf Pick-Up

2019 Leaf Pick-Up

Leaf pick up for the 2019 season will continue through December 21 (weather permitting). The collection will be on alternate sides of the City, by week, for a total of three collections for each street:


  • Week of December 2, 2019
  • Week of December 16, 2019


  • Week of December 9, 2019

Please note that it will take crews the entire week to do your half of the City; and as the weather worsens, and leaves become more plentiful, it may take extra time for a truck to return to your area.

Leaves should be left loose and only be raked to the tree lawn, not in bags and not in the street.  If you are concerned about leaving your leaves on the grass for fear of killing it, understand that though the grass may lose some of its colors as it goes dormant, it will perk right back up in the spring.  

DO NOT include sticks, brush, ornamental grasses, roots, grass clippings, flower stalks or large solid objects with the leaves, as they clog the machines and cause damage and costly delays.  

Please be extra cautious when driving to ensure the safety of City crews who are providing this service. 

It is essential that leaves not be raked into the street where they can cause a number of serious problems, such as flooding and damage to City storm sewers and damage to home owner’s basements when storm sewers become clogged.

Leaves in the street could create hazardous conditions for drivers as they swerve to avoid leaf piles. CHILDREN are often attracted by the leaf piles and may play in them, finding themselves in the path of traffic. 

After the week of December 16, you will need to bag your leaves with a yard waste sticker and call the Transfer Station at 330-335-2847 to schedule a yard waste pick up 24 hours before every third Tuesday of each month.

Leaf Pick-Up Dos and Donts Copy