Building Our Pipeline

Our pipeline is built in two ways: through education of our youth, and training of our existing workforce.

Since 2012, MCEDC has hosted student plant tours around the county. Taking an entire grade of students at a time, these tours have shown exposure to careers in manufacturing.

Supplying Resources for Students

Made in Medina County also hosts students each expo to help them talk with manufacturers and see the potential careers that exist. 

Medina County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) is working with the schools to help get resources into the hands of guidance counselors for those students who aren’t going to college aren’t sure if they want to go to college, or those that think college is the only option. Resources helping them find a job, apply for a job and interview successfully help those students find their niche and stay in our community.

Job Fairs

MCEDC is also hosting job fairs to bring companies together with students for educational purposes. The students get an opportunity to ask questions and find out the types of companies in their own communities and the companies get a chance to meet a future workforce. These have also resulted in a number of placements.


Training those people already employed is also vital to build our long-term pipeline. Medina County is uniquely positioned to take advantage of higher education, technical schools, and public resources for training.