Residing in one of the fastest-growing counties in Ohio, Wadsworth has been the fastest-growing city in Medina County for the past 10 years. Incorporated in 1931, the City of Wadsworth started below 6,000 people and has now grown to 21,000 per the 2009 census. The city generally experiences an annual population increase of 1.0% to 1.6%.

Demographic Reports

Wadsworth has a mix of several different industries with manufacturing being our largest base. Retail is our second-largest employer with Healthcare and Food services close behind. Below are links to information helpful in learning about the City of Wadsworth.

  • Business Summary Report (PDF) - The Business Summary provides information as to the number of employees employed by major industry and retail trades within the City of Wadsworth.
  • Consumer Expenditure Report (PDF) - The Consumer Expenditure Summary is a report itemizing the average household annual expenditures.
  • Demographic Detail Summary (PDF) - The Detailed Demographic Summary provides a more detailed report of the demographics of the City of Wadsworth. This includes Educational as well as Employment and Business information for the residents of the community.
  • Housing Report (PDF) - The Housing Report provides a summary of housing in the City of Wadsworth.
  • Labor Force Report (PDF) - The Labor Force Report provides labor statistics for the City of Wadsworth.
  • Talent Pool Report (PDF) - The Talent Pool Report provides information on degrees earned by programs in the Wadsworth area.
  • Wage Report (PDF) - The Wage Report is a report of wages for the northeast region of Ohio, including Wadsworth.