While we do have a population of people to get to work in Medina County, that is not the only solution. We need to bring more candidates into Medina County to fill our open positions.

Veterans Services & the VA Hospital

Veterans Services and the VA Hospital have a number of individuals coming off deployment who are ready to work for a great company that understands the unique challenges of returning to civilian life. In Medina County we are extremely supportive of our vets and we are working to bring this group into the county from surrounding areas.

International Institute of Akron

International Institute of Akron and other refugee resettlement groups help us tap into their unique populations of individuals who are coming to this company in search of the American dream. We are thrilled to help them find opportunities that will start their new life.

Summit & Medina Transportation Services

We are working with Summit and Medina Transportation Services to help find ways to cooperatively transport individuals from Summit County into Medina County as transportation is so often the only barrier.

Medina County Metropolitan Housing

We are working with Medina County Metropolitan Housing to pursue building workforce housing to attract workers to live near their place of employment.

Made in Medina County

Made in Medina County is a county-wide effort involving over 50 volunteers who host events to showcase what working in manufacturing actually is all about. Every other year the Made in Medina County Manufacturing Expo is held at the Medina County Fair Grounds and hosts up to 100 companies involved in manufacturing with over 1,000 people coming together to celebrate manufacturing. On non-expo years, Made in Medina County Day hosts tours throughout the county and puts elected officials to work in the plants.