Employing our residents is vital to the health and wellbeing of our communities. Currently over 54% of residents leave the county for work. That means there is a large population unfamiliar with the great jobs available in their own communities. Getting those people into jobs locally means more community engagement, more time with their families, and higher quality of life.

Medina County Job Listings Online

The website WorkLocal has been designed to highlight Medina County job listings. Job listings from any and all Medina County companies have been collected and linked from this one-stop-shop. With over 2,200 postings at any given time, driving people to this website will help them find local jobs.

While unemployment is extremely low, there are populations of our residents who are not currently working. We are working with all of these groups to help companies find these populations and get them to work in an effective manner.

Developmentally disabled workers have an unemployment rate around 28% and tend to stay in entry-level jobs for 6 years.

Those individuals who have had barriers to employment work with Employing Medina County and Job and Family Services to overcome those challenges and be able to go to work. Once ready, we take them on tours of a variety of companies to help them see themselves in those roles.

Individuals working through drug-related offenses have a better chance of getting sober if they have a stable work environment. We work with the drug courts and probation to help find those individuals good jobs where they can return to society as productive members.

Jobs for Ohio Graduates

There is nothing more troubling than a young person not completing school and getting lost in the system. Jobs for Ohio Graduates (JOG) works with this group to help them finish school or gain their GED and find resources to help with issues they are facing. When they are ready to go to work, we are here to help them get on the right path.