Wastewater Pretreatment

Wastewater Pollution Control Pretreatment Questionnaire

The Pretreatment Survey Questionnaire (PDF) is part of the City of Wadsworth Industrial Pretreatment Program. The development and operation of this program will allow the City of Wadsworth to ensure reliability in the operation of its wastewater treatment facilities and to provide a consistent and equitable approach to all local industry that might be affected by pretreatment regulations.

All manufacturing and other facilities in the Wadsworth Area, who discharge into the City's sewer system, must complete the questionnaire. It is important that the person completing the survey know where all wastewaters and sludge are discharged.

While pretreatment regulations will limit only discharges to the sanitary (city) sewer, all discharges must be accounted for. For each type of wastewater that an industry might generate, they are required to indicate where it is discharged. Return the questionnaire to John Clark, Wastewater Division Superintendent.

Industries With More Than One Site

Industries with more than one site where goods are produced or services are provided within the City must list those addresses separately and complete a questionnaire for each facility address.

Compounds Used

Information must be provided regarding compounds used that appear on the EPA's list of 126 significant pollutants and other materials and processes used in the business.

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