How do solar projects impact nearby property values?

There is no evidence to indicate a solar project will impact neighboring property values. A 2018 study by Cohn and Resnick, a Chicago-based firm that specializes in property valuation, looked at home sales in proximity to six solar farms in Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota. It found no measurable impact on property values adjacent to solar farms. Other studies reached similar conclusions: A study conducted across Illinois determined that the value of properties within one mile increased by an average of 2% after the installation of a solar farm. An examination of five counties in Indiana indicated that upon completion of a solar farm, properties within two miles were an average 2% more valuable compared to their value prior to installation. An appraisal study spanning from North Carolina to Tennessee shows that properties adjoining solar farms match the value of similar properties that do not adjoin solar farms within 1%. Importantly, a solar project brings numerous economic benefits to a community, including the potential for millions of dollars in additional tax revenue (or payments in lieu of taxes) which can be used to enhance schools, roads and essential services – enhancing both the quality of life and overall value of the community. Solar projects can deliver these economic benefits without making additional demands or impact on community services.

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7. How do solar projects impact nearby property values?
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