Why an automated collection system?

The system allows the Sanitation Department to more efficiently collect Solid Waste from the residents by utilizing the latest technology in garbage collection trucks. One operator can service more homes than a crew of two did before.

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1. Why an automated collection system?
2. Why is automated collection better than manual methods?
3. What does this service cost?
4. If a medical or physical condition prohibits my handling a cart, what can be done?
5. Who maintains the cart?
6. Where is the cart to be placed for collection?
7. How do holidays affect my trash pick-up?
8. What happens if I move?
9. What can be put into the cart?
10. What cannot be put in the cart?
11. What if the cart does not hold all of my trash?
12. Is there bulk item pick-up? If so, how do I arrange one?