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Dominion East Ohio Energyshare Program
Phone: 800-362-7557
The Dominion East Ohio EnergyShare program is designed to provide fuel assistance to pay for any type of winter heating bill. To qualify for the program, customers must live within the Dominion service territory, must demonstrate a personal or family crisis and is a program of last resort. An individual must a have a termination notice or have service currently terminated. To receive assistance, the applicant must have their name on the utility account or live at the listed residence. Applications are available after December 31.
Heatshare Programs
Link: Salvation Army
The HeatShare programs are administered by the Salvation Army to help qualifying households pay for natural gas bills. These programs typically run from January until May, or until funds are depleted. For more information about the HeatShare program or to receive assistance, please contact your local Salvation Army.
Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
Link: Public Utilities Commission
HEAP is a federally funded program administered by the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD). It is designed to help eligible low-income Ohioans meet the high costs of home heating. In most cases, HEAP issues a one-time credit to eligible parties energy supplier to be applied to their utility bill.
Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)
Link: Public Utilities Commission
Ohio's Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) is a federally funded low-income residential energy efficiency program. The program reduces low-income households' energy use, thus creating more affordable housing for those in most need. Services include attic, wall and basement insulation; blower-door-guided air leakage reduction; heating system repairs or replacements; and health and safety testing and inspections. All measures are provided based on an on-site energy audit and on cost-effective guidelines developed using the NEAT computerized energy audit. Individualized client education is an important component of the program.
Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP Plus)
Link: Public Utilities Commission
PIPP Plus allows eligible customers to make affordable monthly energy payments on a year-round basis. When a PIPP Plus household pays its monthly PIPP Plus payment on-time and in-full, some of their old debt and the rest of that month’s bill goes away in the form of a credit on their utility account.
Public Utlilites Commission (PUCO)
Phone: 800-686-7826
Other Phone: 7-1-1 PUCO-regulated gas and electric companies have the following extended payment plans available to help you to make affordable payments and maintain service: The one-third plan, or Winter Heating Season Plan, is only offered from November 1 to April 15 and requires you to pay 1/3 of your total account balance each month. The one-sixth plan requires you to pay six equal monthly payments on your past due amount in addition to your current monthly bill. The one-ninth plan requires you to pay nine equal monthly payments on your past due amount in addition to your current monthly bill. These plans are available to all residential customers regardless of income. The Patriot Plan, a program providing protections and benefits to military personnel and their families, can assist qualifying customers with maintaining utility service while serving on active duty.
Winter Crisis Program
Link: WInter Crisis Program
A special component of HEAP, the Winter Crisis Program (WCP), is administered by community action agencies throughout Ohio. The WCP provides assistance once per heating season to eligible low-income households that are disconnected, threatened with disconnection or have less than a 10-day supply of bulk fuel. For further information, contact your local community action agency.
Woodlawn Cemetry
200 College Street
Wadsworth, OH 44281
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Phone: 330-336-4718

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 494 Wadsworth, OH 44282 Hours Cemetery is closed from one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise, during which time no one shall enter or remain on the premises.
1 - 8 of 8 Listings