Choose Your High-Tech Savings Partner

Customers who currently have central air conditioning and broadband Internet service may choose to have our web-programmable thermostat professionally installed in their home or to opt for our in-home display, a small, portable device which may be placed anywhere in the home.


Both devices are provided free of charge and both will deliver the important information you need to make Right Time Pricing work for you. Working together with your smart meter, both enable you to:

  • View your household's current electricity use
  • View the current rate of electricity you're paying
  • Track your electricity consumption and associated costs over time
  • Test consumption and the costs of operating specific appliances or electronics
  • Receive and acknowledge messages from the City of Wadsworth

Square ThermostatAccording to the U.S. Department of energy, using a programmable thermostat can save you as much as 10% annually on your heating and cooling costs. Our web-programmable model gives you the power to control your home's temperature even when you're away from home, so saving is easy – and your home's temperature is always just right when you walk in the door.

  • Program manually at home, or remotely through the Internet
  • Save up to 10% annually off your cooling and heating costs
  • Seven-day/four-interval programming for customization to your schedule
  • Large, high-resolution LCD display for reading at a glance
  • Professionally installed at no charge

The Right Time Pricing In-Home Display (IHD)

Rounded ThermostatLarge enough to read easily, but small enough to place anywhere, our in-home display keeps everyone in the house aware of important electricity usage information. Keep it in a high traffic area and watch your savings grow.

  • Magnetic backing for easy placement on kitchen appliances
  • Stands upright for placement on counter or tabletop
  • Rechargeable (includes battery charger)
  • Large, high resolution LCD display for reading at a glance