Program Rules


  • Open to both residential and commercial customers
  • Customers who select a web-programmable thermostat for their Right Time Pricing device must be equipped with both central air conditioning and a broadband connection
  • Customers who do not have central air conditioning and/or a broadband connection are eligible to receive the in-home display as their Right Time Pricing device

Term of Participation

Customers who enroll in Right Time Pricing must remain in the program for a minimum of one full year. At the end of the one-year term the Right Time Pricing rate structure will automatically continue in effect until the customer contacts the City of Wadsworth to elect an alternate rate structure.


Work performed by participating contractors is not guaranteed or subject to any representation or warranty, either expressed or implied or otherwise, by the City of Wadsworth or COMVERGE. Neither the City of Wadsworth nor COMVERGE makes any guarantee or any other representation or warranty, expressed or implied or otherwise, as to the quality, cost or effectiveness of any product(s) provided or work(s) performed by any participating contractor or by any such participating contractor's employees, subcontractors or suppliers.

Energy efficiency gains are subject to a number of variable conditions and circumstances. While it is the intent of the Right Time Pricing program to achieve energy efficiencies, neither the City of Wadsworth nor COMVERGE guarantees or warrants that any specific energy efficiency gains will be achieved for a particular customer under the program.