The Village of St. Edward

As The Village of St. Edward was exploring expansion into nearby communities, a Board member and also a resident of Wadsworth suggested that The Village consider Wadsworth as a potential site. After preliminary discussions with Wadsworth City officials and Fr. Joe Labak and after an initial market assessment, The Village determined that it had an excellent, prospective opportunity to be of service to residents in the Wadsworth community.

After additional study, with the patience of Wadsworth residents, and the accompanying continued steady cooperation and commitment of Wadsworth City officials and the Wadsworth City Schools, The Village’s Wadsworth Project was finally ready to start on September 20, 2017. Mayor Robin Laubaugh, Economic Development Director Harry Stark, and other local officials were responsive and cooperative in making us feel welcome. Akin to The Village’s collegial relationship in and with Fairlawn, the potential relationship with Wadsworth was important as we intend to be good citizens wherever we are located. Wadsworth officials and others confirmed that the community would be an excellent fit with The Village community as we made our respective ways through the planning stages. We are very much looking forward to becoming an even greater part of the Wadsworth community.

The Inn At CoalRidge

The Inn at CoalRidge is honored to be located within the City of Wadsworth. We would like to thank the City's Administrative Staff as well as the people throughout the community who supported this project. - Drew McClain, Owner

Summa Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital

The skilled and caring employees, physicians and volunteers of Summa Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital work very hard every day to serve the citizens of Wadsworth, Rittman and the surrounding communities. This area is rich in tradition, community pride, excellent schools and people who care about their hometown. As President of Summa Wadsworth-Rittman and Barberton Hospitals, I am very proud to serve along side our staff to ensure that access to excellent healthcare is another reason for people to choose to live in these fine communities. - Thomas A. DeBord, FACHE, President, Summa Barberton Hospital and Summa Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital

American Hospitality Group

American Hospitality Group has owned and operated businesses in Wadsworth since 1974, and we truly feel there is no better location in Northeast Ohio. From its city owned power and cable companies, exceptional schools, city services and educated work force, Wadsworth has created a premier business friendly environment. - Neil Wenger, Owner

Goldsmith and Eggleton

Wadsworth is a great place to work and thrive because of the family atmosphere and personal care that is apparent when working with all the departments and leaders within the city. On many occasions when dealing with issues; I know I have an experienced and knowledgeable team in the City of Wadsworth to assist and direct me to solve those issues. - Eric Davies, Goldsmith and Eggleton.

Radici Plastics USA

Radici Plastics USA, Inc. a global supplier of plastic resin enjoys the small town warmth of Wadsworth, with all the advantages of large city amenities within close proximity. Airports, highways, city owned utilities, and schools rated amongst the highest in the state make Wadsworth an ideal location for our company. - Shelley Ray, Radici Plastics USA

Buehler's Fresh Foods

Buehler's Fresh Foods is proud to be part of the Wadsworth Community, the people and the heritage. Being a local, family owned retailer allows us to directly connect to and engage with the Wadsworth Community. We will continue to seek and develop these relationships. - Dave Cleckner, Wadsworth Buehlers