Mayor Of Wadsworth

Robin Laubaugh

Robin L. Laubaugh is serving her 5th four-year term as Mayor of Wadsworth. As Chief Executive Officer to the city government of Wadsworth, her most important duties are to oversee day-to-day operations and set the strategic goals and direction of the city. Her appointments of the Director of Public Service, the Director of Human Resources, the Director of Public Safety, and the Director of Economic Development, help the Mayor to effectively administer city services to Wadsworth’s over 24,000 residents and to supervise the city’s 204 full-time, 14 part-time, and 47 Fire and EMS volunteers. 

Additionally, the Mayor appoints many citizens to serve on more than 20 volunteer commissions and boards that benefit the whole community. Mayor Laubaugh regularly participates in City Council meetings, where she has the power to sign new legislation adopted by City Council or veto those ordinances that she opposes. Between city meetings, Mayor Laubaugh is busy attending various community events, meetings with residents, businesses, officials or representatives throughout the county and other key functions.