Vehicle Maintenance

A large garage building with white trucks parked in front.

About the Department

The Vehicle Maintenance Department consists of three technicians, one assistant administrator, and a superintendent. The Vehicle Maintenance team is committed to providing the city departments with professional high quality service and repairs.

Vehicles Serviced

The City Vehicle Maintenance Garage services 239 city vehicles or pieces of equipment, which you can find listed here.

Vehicle Auction

Once or twice a year, the City sells off old vehicles and equipment. Lately these have been auctioned off by Kiko Company on site at the City’s service complex. The equipment can be viewed on the Kiko website prior to the sale. The city of Wadsworth will also use Public Surplus to sell some of its old equipment. Current auction ends June 14th, 2021. Click here to bid.

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Vehicle Purchasing

New equipment for the City is bought either through State bid, NJPA (a cooperative purchasing group), or a sealed bid. If the equipment is not bought through the State bid process or NJPA, specifications are sent to potential suppliers and advertising is done in the local papers. The company meeting the specification with the lowest bid gets the contract.