Special Programs

1st Offender Underage Alcohol Consumption

If a person under the age of 21 is cited for an alcohol-related offense, and it is a first offense for that individual, they may enter the Court’s own 1st offender program. It requires performing 24 hours of community service, serving 15 days of home arrest, and attending one, two-hour underage alcohol awareness class, which is held six times throughout the year. If an individual successfully completes those three requirements, the case will be dismissed.

Violence Prevention Program

Depending on circumstances, an individual charged with Domestic Violence may qualify to participate in Violence Prevention Program offered by Alternative Paths, Inc. in Medina. This 16-week program consists of weekly two-hour group sessions. If successfully completed, the offense may be reduced to a charge of Disorderly Conduct with Persistence, or dismissed. The fee for this program is $550.

First Offender Pre-Trial Diversion

For those individuals who have been charged with a misdemeanor offense, for the first time (excluding underage alcohol and domestic violence cases), they may qualify to participate in the Alternative Paths diversion program. It is a 6 month up to a 1 year commitment. Offenders accepted into this program must pay a fee of $550.

Upon successful completion of the program, the charges against the defendant will be dismissed.

High School Sentencing

Every other year in the spring, Judge McIlvaine conducts sentencings at the Wadsworth H.S. auditorium, in front of the junior and senior classes. Typically, the cases chosen include the offenses of underage alcohol consumption, a first-time OVI, a multiple OVI, and a drug case.

Once the offenders are sentenced, they return to the Court to receive their Court documents. Judge McIlvaine remains behind for a question and answer period with the students. For agreeing to participate in the high school sentencings, offenders are given community service credit, and the fee is waived.