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1. Is a permit required for a shed or fence?
2. How do I obtain a permit for a shed, fence or pool?
3. How do I obtain a permit to build a deck?
4. Do I need blue print drawings? Or what is an acceptable drawing?
5. As a general contractor do I need to be registered with the City?
6. What size of drawings need to be furnished for new home construction, planning commission and Board of Zoning Appeals?
7. Who do I make the check out to?
8. What is your mailing address.
9. What is an easement and why should a home owner be concerned?
10. How do I become a registered Electrical or HVAC contractor in the City.
11. What do I do if I can't download the zoning map reader?
12. Do you require a point of sale inspection?
13. Do I need a permit for a garage sale?
14. What can I do if my neighbor neglects to maintain their property?
15. Do I need a permit to pave my driveway?
16. Where do I obtain alarm registration?
17. Where do I obtain a vendor's license?
18. Do I need a permit to run new downspout lines?