What if I don’t have a cable ready set?

We can provide you with a basic set top converter with remote control for a monthly rental fee. This device offers on/off (of your television), channel up/down, and volume up/down (option – If you have a newer VCR you could use it as a tuner also).

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1. Is there an installation charge for Wadsworth Municipal Cable System?
2. How much are additional outlets?
3. What if I don’t have a cable ready set?
4. Must I subscribe to enhanced in order to receive premium channels?
5. How many TV’s can I hook up to the system?
6. If I need a distribution amplifier, how do I determine that and how much will it cost?
7. We spend two or three months in Florida each winter. Can we have our cable turned off?
8. Will a new cable need to be installed to my home if I currently have cable?