How does Wadsworth Peak Rewards help the environment?

Reducing the use of fossil fuels reduces greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing electricity demand during a conservation period, Peak Rewards also reduces emissions by averting the need for production of additional electricity. When load is highest and supplies are strained, the least efficient power plants must be brought into operation to meet demand or outages become likely.

Lower efficiency electricity production also generally equates with higher emissions. The Peak Rewards approach reduces the urgency in building additional power lines and power stations, thereby preserving our natural environment.

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1. Why Wadsworth Peak Rewards? Why now?
2. How does Wadsworth Peak Rewards work?
3. What is "cycling"?
4. What choices are available to me when I join Wadsworth Peak Rewards?
5. Will Wadsworth Peak Rewards affect my comfort level?
6. How will I receive my installation credit and annual bill credit?
7. Will I receive all of the bill credits in the same calendar year?
8. Are there any hidden costs or fees with this program?
9. How often will the program be activated?
10. When and for how long will a conservation period last?
11. What causes "times of peak electricity demand"?
12. How will I know when a Wadsworth Peak Rewards conservation period is occurring?
13. Can an emergency event (otherwise known as "Priority Peak Day") occur outside of the months of the cooling season?
14. Am I permitted to "opt out" of a conservation period?
15. Are there penalties for withdrawing from Peak Rewards?
16. How does Wadsworth Peak Rewards benefit my community?
17. How does Wadsworth Peak Rewards keep energy rates low?
18. How does Wadsworth Peak Rewards help the environment?
19. What is an outdoor switch?
20. Do I need to be available when the outdoor switch is installed?
21. What is a web-programmable thermostat?
22. What is a web-programmable thermostat?
23. If my thermostat is Internet accessible, how do I know a hacker or The City of Wadsworth won't change the settings on me?
24. Why would I want Internet access?
25. Do I need to be at my facility when the programmable thermostat is installed?
26. How long will the installation take?
27. When will the thermostat be installed?
28. What if there's a problem?
29. How can my programmable thermostat save 10% annually on my cooling and heating costs?
30. I have a medical condition. Am I able to participate?
31. What businesses and equipment qualify for the Wadsworth Peak Rewards program?
32. How long will the installation take?
33. I have an air conditioning system/heat pump that was installed some time ago. Is it too old to participate in this program?