Fire Levy

Station Site Selection - What Parcels are Suitable Sites for a Fire Station?

Site selection for a modern headquarters fire station is a multi-dimensional process. In order to properly locate a station using modern fire service standards and community demands, an evaluation must consider a wide range of locations and a number of different selection criteria. In 2016, the City of Wadsworth worked closely with architects from Brandstetter Carroll, Inc. to identify more than (26) potential sites. You can view that study and the site selection materials and analysis HERE. For more detailed information on the site selection, please check out the document below. 

Frequently Asked Questions:firelevyballot

When was the last Fire Levy?

  • The last Fire Levy was passed by voters in 2010 and expired in 2015.

What is on the ballot?

  • A 1.5 mill capital-only fire levy for the next (5) years.
  • The capital-only fire levy is a property value-based levy.
  • Each mill equals $1 for every $1,000 in assessed property value.
  • Property owners only pay taxes on the assessed value, which is 35% of a property’s market value as determined by the County Auditor.

What is the cost to taxpayers?

  • The proposed levy will cost property owners approximately $52.50 per year per $100,000 of appraised value.
  • Voted property tax revenues do not grow with inflation and the amount property owners pay is determined at the time a levy is passed.
  • As property values increase, the millage rate is rolled back or reduced and the revenue received remains the same ensuring that voters pay only the amount they approved for a specific purpose, over a given time period.
  • Taxpayers are encouraged to use the Medina County Auditor’s millage estimator to determine specific estimated tax impacts. The millage estimator can be found at

Why is this Fire Levy Needed?

  • The Fire Levy is the primary source of annual and long-term capital funding for the Fire Department.
  • The levy is used for annual capital expenses for such essential items as firefighter turnout gear, self-contained breathing apparatus, extrication equipment, hose, tools, and other essential firefighting equipment.
  • Upcoming capital projects include the implementation of the Fire Department's portion of the new digital emergency radio communication system to replace the department’s aging UHF system. 
  • Continued funding for fire apparatus & vehicle replacements, including the most expensive piece of apparatus - Ladder 1, the department's 1992 aerial truck scheduled for replacement in 2022.
  • To fund the construction of a new headquarters fire station to replace existing Fire Station #1, originally constructed in 1963.

To learn more about the proposed Fire Levy, the department’s capital needs, upcoming projects, and the Wadsworth Fire Department, please visit the department’s, or the Friends of the Fire Levy Facebook page.

Ladder 1 - Scheduled Replacement Project of 1992 Aerial Platform


Wadsworth Fire Station Study 

The intent of the study was to identify future facility needs for the Fire Department and provide recommendations for either renovation of the existing Fire Station 1 or the size and location of a potential new facility. The study was used to share information and help build consensus on a direction for the City to pursue in fulfilling the current and future needs of the Fire Department and community. The study included four tasks: Facility Assessment, Facility Space Needs, Site Selection Study, and basic Conceptual Plan.