City Hall and Public Building Partial Closures

City Hall and Public Building Partial Closures

Date: March 17, 2020

We have been taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and listening to the recommendations and orders of the Medina County Health Commissioner, Ohio Department of Health Director and our Governor. We have two main objectives. 1) The health and well-being of our residents and employees and 2) continuing to provide City operations at a high level of service. We want to continue to serve residents and businesses, yet take precautions in the best interest of all.

At this time, we are closing certain departments in City Hall from in-person visitors and ask residents to conduct business by telephone, e-mail, or internet. We feel we can continue to provide these services with minimal interruption and do a better job of protecting everyone. We are also closing other department buildings and the Trolley Line House to the public. We thank you for your patience during this time. Here is a list of each department’s status in City Hall and a list of phone numbers to use:

➤ Utility Billing:
The window will be closed for in-person visits, but you can still sign up for a new service over the phone and through e-mail. You can still make payments, in our drive-thru Drop Box behind City Hall, Online, with our automated phone service, or over the phone with a customer service representative. We are answering the phones and will be there to assist you. Email: Phone: 330-335-2700

➤ CityLink:
The window will be closed for in-person visits, but you can still sign up for service over the phone and through e-mail. We will still be handing out new equipment and allowing for the return or exchange of current equipment. We are answering the phone and will be there to assist all your internet, cable, and phone needs.
Phone: 330-335-2888

➤ Income Tax Office:
The office will be closed for in-person visits and we encourage you to use the many resources available at Please call our office for assistance at 330-335-2745.

➤ Municipal Courts:
The Courts will still be conducting business as needed. For arraignments, only participants and legal representation should come in-person. The court is suspending all Sentencing for 3 weeks, all civil cases, including small claims and evictions, shall be continued for 3 weeks. The court will conduct criminal cases, traffic cases, Temporary Protection Orders, domestic violence cases and search warrants. Jury trials have been continued for three (3) weeks beginning today. Trials will also be limited to participants, legal representatives, and witnesses. Please no family members or friends for moral support. The Probation Office is limiting in-person meetings. We ask that probationers please call their supervising Officer at the time of their scheduled appointment instead of reporting to the office in person. Chief Officer Whited: 330-335-2758 Officer Neforos: 330-335-2731. You may pay fines online at our website or mail payment to the Court. For all other inquiries please call 330-335-1596.

➤ Police Department:
The police department’s public lobby area will remain open. Please consider calling 330-334-1511 for all non-emergency matters before coming to the lobby area located behind City Hall.

➤ Fire Stations:
All Fire Stations are closed to non-emergency in-person visitors. Please call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.

➤ Administration Offices:
For assistance from the Mayor, Safety Director, Service Director, or Economic Development Director please contact these offices by phone:
● Mayor and Safety Director’s office at 330-335-2705
● Service Director’s office at 330-335-2708
● Economic Development Director at 330-335-2707

➤ Council Clerk:
The Clerk’s office is closed to in-person visitors. Please call 330-335-2759 to speak to the clerk and receive assistance.

➤ Building and Planning:
We request customers to limit in-person visits and call us at 330-335-2753 to get assistance. Drop-offs and pick-ups will be available.

➤ Engineering:
We request customers to limit in-person visits and call us at 330-335-2751 to get assistance. Drop-offs and pick-ups will be available.

WCTV has canceled all studio programs, equipment checkouts and community taping of events through at least March 29th. Any producer who has a program scheduled to tape during this time please contact your guests to cancel. WCTV continue all normal playback on all of our channels. You can also view LIVE streams of our Public and Educational channels via Please check out the Facebook page for updates on WCTV.

➤ Soprema Senior Center:
The Soprema Senior Center and Cafe was closed on Wednesday, March 11th and will remain closed until further notice. Please call the center at 330-335-1513 for more information.