SR 57 and Seville Road Intersection Roundabout

October 24, 2022 Update:

Good news; the long-awaited light poles have been delivered. Crews are onsite installing the poles. Pending any issues, the roundabout and adjacent bridge will be opened to traffic in the next day or two. 

RoundaboutUpdate1025 1RoundaboutUpdate1025

August 25, 2022 Update:

Work continues on the SR 57 - Seville Rd Roundabout Project. To date, much of the work has been installation of underground utilities. Next week the contractor will be cement stabilizing the subbase in preparation for installation of the underdrains and pavement. This latter work will begin approximately a week after the cement stabilization to allow for the curing of the base.  

Work also continues on the adjacent bridge project. The parapets are scheduled to be poured next Wednesday. A parapet is a barrier along the edge of a bridge designed to prevent road users from falling or driving off the side of the bridge. Following this work, the bridge will then be grooved and painted.


The project began on time, and the work that has taken place in the first month is on schedule. Please be aware of the posted speed limits on the detour route that you are using to navigate around the area. We have had many complaints on Trease Road and have posted additional speed limit signs, yard signs, flags on the stop sign, and are patrolling the area to help folks understand the 25 mph speed and the stop signs in this residential area

The construction work began with the removal of the old pavement of the roadways and now the contractor is installing the new waterline through the intersection. The bridge project to the south began with the demolition of the old bridge.

SR 57-Seville Roundabout Rendering w landscaping (2)On June 16, a public meeting was held for the purpose of sharing the latest information about this project. You can view the presentation HERE.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (330) 335-2707. Thank you for your patience while we work on improving our city's infrastructure!


This project will entail the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of SR 57 and Seville Rd and a bridge replacement over Blockers Creek just south of the above-mentioned intersection. The project was partially funded with Federal Safety Funds for the Roundabout portion of the project.

North-South SR 57 Detour Route

East-West Seville Rd Local Detour Route

East-West Seville Rd Truck Detour Route