Downtown Infrastructure Project - A Streetscape Unmatched


After collaboration between the City of Wadsworth and community partners, we are moving forward with the exciting catalyst project from the 2017 Downtown Visioning Plan: a utility replacement and streetscape improvement plan for the downtown core. This project will include:

  • Replacement of the aging waterlines, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, electric, and communications lines in Downtown Wadsworth.
  • Facilitation of improvements for safety, pedestrian connectivity between downtown amenities, and efficient vehicular traffic. 
  • Enhancement of sidewalks, streets, and alleyways to make downtown more livable, vibrant, and a destination spot.

The planning process this year will feature various layers of public engagement, including outreach during First Friday events and meetings with various community groups and the public. The process will culminate with conceptual design plans for the new downtown streetscape this fall. Please provide your feedback throughout the process and stay up to date on our website. 

Project Timeline (7)

Project Boundary Map

Downtown Wadsworth


The Downtown Implementation Committee was formed to assist the City with the creation of the 2017 Downtown Visioning Plan. Comprised of community members representing a variety of backgrounds and organizations, this committee has been involved in the preliminary planning of the Downtown Improvement Project. This valuable group provides firsthand insight into the community and is guiding the development of concepts by the consultants.