Solar Project


The City of Wadsworth’s Planning Commission has conditionally approved the installation of a 6.25MW photo-voltaic solar power plant, providing a long-term, renewable-energy source for the community. The city will purchase a portion of the energy produced by the solar facility from American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP), the nonprofit wholesale power supplier and services provider for 135 members in nine states, including Ohio. AMP entered into a multiple-year contract with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, which will design, build, operate and maintain the array. The array will be installed on approximately 31 acres located on Seville Rd. in the City of Wadsworth. NextEra Energy Resources will use a ground-mounted tracker system, which will follow the sun to maximize energy production. The site is made up of approximately 21,000 modules. The city plans to use the energy output to increase the amount of electricity it uses from renewable sources and to reduce high transmission and capacity costs. Additionally, NextEra Energy Resources is able to take advantage of tax credits to lower the cost of installing and maintaining the array and pass those savings along to AMP. Construction of the site will use at least 80 percent in-state labor. The solar system is anticipated to achieve commercial operation in December 2019.