Automated Collection

Transitioning to Automated Collection

The City of Wadsworth's Sanitation Department implemented an Automated Collection system in June 2002. At that time, new 96 gallon wheeled containers were delivered to each household to be used for the disposal of all household rubbish, trash, and garbage. These carts are designed and manufactured to stand up to the stresses of an automated pick up system and are serviced by specialized trucks with mechanical arms that grab, lift, empty, and return the carts to their original position.

This transition is very smooth, it was found to be a learning experience for both the residents of Wadsworth and the Sanitation Department.

Reasons for Automated Collection

Automated residential trash collection is being utilized in many communities because of higher efficiency in the collection process. One operator of an automated truck can service more residents than a crew of 2 or 3 manually picking up cans and bags.

The risk of strains, sprains, or other injuries to the workers are minimized due the operator staying in the confines of the truck's cab. The streets are staying neater due to the carts design to keep the trash in and animals out. If some changes in routing are needed in the future, notification will be mailed to residents affected.

Question or Comments

More information can be learned by viewing our FAQs on the subject. Any other questions or comments can be directed to the Sanitation Department at 330-335-2847.