Natural Gas

New Rate for the Natural Gas Aggregation Program 2020-22 is a fixed rate of $3.05 per Mcf

The City of Wadsworth announces that the rate for City of Wadsworth residents and businesses participating in its gas aggregation program for the next two years has been set at a fixed rate of $3.05 per MCF.  The new pricing will begin with the November 2020 billing cycle (appearing on the December bill) and continue through October 2022.

"Gas prices are climbing.  In light of that, our aggregation provider, American Municipal Power, worked with us to lock in a competitive rate for a two-year period," said Director of Public Service Robert Patrick.  "This new rate is lower than last year's rate of $3.39 per MCF.  A review of this week’s one and two-year fixed-rate offerings, as listed by the PUCO and Ohio Consumers’ Counsel, list rates higher than our $3.05, some as high as $6.39.  Even some of the variable rates are as high as $6.49," Mr. Patrick pointed out.  "The City of Wadsworth’s aggregation pricing has consistently been one of the lowest in the area, and we are pleased to give our residents an alternative choice."

As it has been for a number of years, the City’s aggregate program supplier will be Interstate Gas Supply.  Current customers of the City of Wadsworth Aggregation program with IGS do not need to take any action to receive the new reduced price and will receive notification of the new price by mail, within the next several weeks. 

City of Wadsworth residents who are currently enrolled with other gas suppliers may call IGS at 1-877-353-0162 to sign up for the City's aggregation program but should note that IGS customer service may not yet have information on the new pricing.  Though the new pricing is not in effect until November's gas usage (December's bill), there is a lag time for any new enrollment, so new customers may find it beneficial to sign up now, under the current pricing, to be sure to have that $3.05 pricing in November.  Residents should also be aware that switching from another supplier may result in a penalty and that they should check with their current supplier first.  Information on gas pricing options may be found at or the Apples to Apples comparison chart at

Under aggregation, Dominion Energy will continue to maintain the pipeline system that delivers natural gas, and customers will continue to receive a single bill from Dominion that includes the gas supply charge.  Customers should still contact Dominion regarding loss of gas service, odor of gas, or any other concerns or issues having to do with local service. Budget billing and automatic billing options also are handled through Dominion. 

Dominion Energy (formerly Dominion East Ohio) customers living in Wadsworth who have not chosen an outside supplier on their own will be automatically enrolled in the new pricing of $3.05, unless they opt-out. Those customers will receive a letter outlining the opt-out process (should they choose to do so), near the middle of September.

IGS customer service may not yet be aware of this pricing but should be able to sign up new customers at the City's current rate of $3.39. The new $3.05 price would then begin with November's gas (December bill).

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and Ohio Consumers Counsel websites offer apples to apples comparisons of natural gas suppliers and current prices. City of Wadsworth is a certified natural gas aggregator. The City became a Natural Gas aggregator at the request of voters in the election of November 2002. Being a certified Natural Gas Aggregator essentially means the State of Ohio Public Utilities Commission allows the City to act as an agent in the purchase of Natural Gas for residents and businesses. American Municipal Power (AMP) is the agent for the City of Wadsworth in this process. Essentially, the City uses the buying power of many to negotiate pricing on behalf of residents and businesses. Currently, the supplier for the City of Wadsworth is Interstate Gas Supply, Inc.