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Information about the new format on your Utility Bill
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Contact the Wadsworth Utility Office
24 hours a day by Email:

During the winter and summer months,  utility bills hit hardest the families in need.
Please give to The City of Wadsworth's
Share Program.

Many customers just "round up" on their bill and designate the extra change for the Share Program.
The money is then designated by organizations such as
 FISH, Salvation Army, or the Saint Vincent Depaul Soceity.
Thank you.


Wadsworth is unique in that we bill for Electric, Water, Sewer, Sanitation, Cable, Internet and Storm Water,all on ONE bill!

Utilities Application for Utility Services provided bythe City of Wadsworth, can be made at the utility office located in

Wadsworth City Hall, 120 Maple street, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281.

Office hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.
The direct phone number is (330) 335-2700.


Please Leave a Voice Mail

We will get back to you!

(depending on staff issues and time of the month,

usually within 24 hours of your phone call).



A security deposit is required for all applications for service from individuals who are not the legal owners of the property to which service is requested.

Note: You must have a copy of your lease or proof of ownership and valid identification.

The minimum security deposit is $300.00.  

Utility Application Agreement

All utility bills are mailed by the second working day of the month and are due usually on the 16th of each month depending on weekends and holidays.


For Cable and Internet rates Call
(330) 335-2888.

Join the over 20,000 Wadsworth Customers who have Viewed and Paid their Utility Bill Online!


The City of Wadsworth utility customers now have the ability to view their utility bill online.

They also have the option of paying their bills with a credit card over a secure transaction.

Additionally, customers may select to have an email sent to them stating that their bill is

"ready to pay" as opposed to having a bill sent to their home address.

The City accepts Mastercard, Visa and Discover Cards

The online options will allow registered customers to view their current utility bill, (including all

charges, electric, water, sewer, sanitation, storm water, cable and internet), payment history, and

Metered usage history (Electric and Water). Join the over 20,000 Wadsworth Utility Customers who have already signed up!


Save a Tree:Sign up for email billing !

Save on Gas:pay ONLINE instead of driving to City Hall!

Save on TIME!

Pay online!

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Important Contact Numbers:

Utility Billing Office: 330-335-2700

If you reach voice mail,leave a message please.

Cable/Internet: 330-335-2888

Click here for a list of our rates and channels

 And Click here for our internet rates

City Hall Main: 330-335-1521

24 Hour Emergency: 330-334-1581

EMAIL: BillInfo@wadsworthcity.org


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