Income Tax Information

The Income Tax Code is found in Chapter 34 of the Wadsworth City Codified OrdinancesPLEASE NOTE: Effective January 1, 2012, the City of Wadsworth income tax rate is 1.4%. You receive up to 1% credit for income taxes paid to your city of employment. Be sure to use this rate when estimating your City taxes. For tax years prior to 2012, the City of Wadsworth income tax rate is 1.3%.

Effective July 1, 1981, every person or entity is required to file an annual tax return for each year or portion of the year you have earned income (earned income also includes gambling or lottery winnings) and you reside in or conduct business in Wadsworth. Wadsworth residents who have no taxable income for the year are required to file an Exemption Certificate (unless you have received a permanent exemption from the Auditor.)

Presently the income tax supports the General Fund, Recreation, Streets, Capital Improvements, and City Hall. Click here for more detail.

If you are a new taxpayer due to: moving into the City; conducting business in the City (with or without employees); reaching the age of 18; or being annexed, you may register online at the RITA website or contact the income tax office at 330.335.2745 for a registration form. The City's income tax program is administered by The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) in Brecksville, OH. However, the City employs an Income Tax Officer who serves as a liaison between residents and RITA and assists residents with tax issues. Questions can be directed to the Tax Officer at 330.335.2745 or you are using a web-based email program, you may need to copy and paste this email address into a new message.)
The Income Tax Office is located on the first floor of Wadsworth City Hall, between the Utility and CityLink Customer Service windows. Income tax help is available to residents on a first come, first served basis, weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
During tax season, there will be one day where we will have extra personnel and extended hours for assistance - for information regarding this, click here. If this does not fit with your schedule, Wadsworth residents can go to any RITA office or onsite event, and receive free city tax assistance as outlined in the flier.
After April 18, please call before coming in to check the Tax Officer's availability. We do not take appointments, and since we have only one Tax Officer, when the Officer is not in, no one else may be available to assist you.
All of our tax forms are available online. Go to the RITA website:

If you suspect that someone is not paying tax or is a business not sending in withholding, give us the information and we will check it out. By law we cannot give you detail about a taxpayer's filings, but you can be assured that the information you give will be checked to be sure that appropriate taxes are filed and paid. You can contact the City Auditor with the pertinent information.  

If you have a question, comment or suggestion about this page, please send an email to Catherine C. Fix, CPA at  City you are using a web-based email program, you may need to copy and paste this email address into a new message.)