City Communications

The Communications Department covers several widespread areas within the city. We keep the different departments of the city communicating by installing and updating

  • fiber connections between the buildings and network cables,
  • email services and phones,
  • servers, switches, routers, and desktop PCs, and
  • databases and websites.

In addition to these duties, we also provide the following services:

Citylink Cable Television Services

Citylink Cable TV was created by the City and Community of Wadsworth to provide a low cost alternative for Cable TV service. We have grown from a few customers in one section of the City in 1997, to today, providing the entire City plus some sections of the Township with Cable TV service.

From our Analog service to our new Digital Service, Wadsworth Cable Television continues to provide a local alternative for Cable TV. For more information, including channel lineups and pricing, check out our website.

Citylink Internet Service

CityLink Internet Service uses the same cable lines as the Cable TV service and provides broadband internet for Wadsworth City and Township residences. CityLink competes against other internet providers to bring prices down for the people of Wadsworth.

Check out CityLink's website to find out more about our services and pricing.

View our FCC Transparency Report (PDF).