City Communications Services


The Communications Department had it's beginnings in Wadsworth's Electric Department in 1993 when the first 12 miles of fiber optic cable was constructed. Electric SCADA systems, City government and school facilities were fiber connected in the summer of 1994. By January, 1997, Cable Television began to be offered over a newly constructed Hybrid fiber optic coaxial (HFC) network. Just a few years later, in 2000, Internet services began to be offered. This year, 2017, marks 20 years of service from this HFC network.

Today, as a division of the Electric Department, the Communications Department designs, builds and maintains City Government communications infrastructure that keeps government offices well connected to data, phone, CATV, camera, SCADA, traffic, security, wellfield and two way radio systems.

Community Communications Services

As a community service provider, Wadsworth Communications provides business and residential services under the CityLink brand. CityLink also provides support for local electric utility programs offered including Peak Rewards, Right Time Pricing and remote meter reading systems. And, yes, it's all on one consolidated utility bill!

Cable Television


CityLink Cable Television provides an all-digital offering in several tiers. Two DVD quality tiers offer open QAM programming for TVs equipped with QAM channel tuners. Digital adapters and set top boxes are also offered for these tiers and are required to view higher level encrypted programming. Local and informational channels are included in all tiers. Details are available on the CityLink page.

CityLink Internet


CityLink High-Speed Internet service is provided in 3 tiers of 10, 20 and 30 megabit speeds. Maximum data rates are one way to describe a communications link, but your experience is what is most important. As the demand for bandwidth constantly grows, new equipment and connections are added. The recent conversion of analog TV channels to digital has freed channel space that is now being repurposed for Internet services. The new digital TV format also provides a better quality picture. As new equipment "settles in", video quality will continue to improve.