Woodlawn Cemetery


200 College Street

(mailing address: P.O. Box 494, Wadsworth, OH 44282)

Wadsworth, OH44281 (Medina County)


e-mail: woodlawn1817@gmail.com

Cemetery is closed from one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise, during which time no one shall enter or remain on the premises.









Woodlawn Cemetery was established in 1817 on one acre of land originally owned by Owen Brown, father of the abolitionist John Brown. Over the years several additions were made, and Woodlawn now covers approximately 34 acres. At this time over 13,000 are interred in the cemetery.

Woodlawn Cemetery is a Union Cemetery, owned and operated jointly by the City of Wadsworth and Wadsworth Township. It is operated from revenues acquired mainly from the sale of lots, interments and subsidies from the City of Wadsworth, Wadsworth Township and Sacred Heart of Jesus Church.

The operation of the cemetery is overseen by a three member Board of Trustees, which includes one Wadsworth Township trustee and one City of Wadsworth City Council member. The Board meets on the third Wednesday of every month to transact its official business. All major decisions regarding Woodlawn are made by the Trustees, including hiring of personnel, purchasing equipment, establishing prices, directing the investment of available funds and keeping the cemetery in compliance with codes established by the State of Ohio.

The Clerk-Treasurer of the cemetery is responsible for maintaining a system of internal accounting control in order to assure that the assets are safeguarded against loss, and that all transactions are executed in accordance with the board's authorization. All records are subject to audit by the State of Ohio, every two years.

The Superintendent of the cemetery is responsible for the daily operation of the cemetery, including assigning duties to the groundskeepers, dealing with the public in all matters pertaining to interments or lot sales, keeping the equipment in good condition and making sure that Woodlawn is well maintained at all times.

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