High Street Widening Project

The High Street Widening Project is an expansion project along State Route 94. Its main objectives are safety and access management along the corridor and to improve the flow of traffic through the area. This will be accomplished by widening the road and bridge over I 76, constructing corridors to reach businesses, constructing a median in the road, adding traffic signals, and constructing a pedestrian and bicycle path. The project is estimated to begin Spring 2016 and end Fall of 2017. 

Please go to http://www.wadsworthcity.com/the-city/home/high-street-project.html for up-to-date information on the project.   

City of Wadsworth Water

A few customers have wondered if the problems in Flint, MI could happen here.  The short answer is no.  Our water supply does not have issues and we add an additive (Zinc Orthophosphate) to our treated water to prevent corrosion in our distribution system and your interior plumbing.  Our Water Plant is monitored 24/7 by licensed operators who monitor the water for various corrosion indicators on a continuous basis.  Since 1992, the city has been required by the Environmental Protection Agency to test for lead and copper in homes and we have never had a violation.  For more information, please see the Water Treatment Plant's webpage by clicking here.

Downtown Plan Development

The City of Wadsworth, Downtown Wadsworth and the Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce have initiated the process to create a Visioning Plan for Downtown Wadsworth. The planning process will engage the community and local leaders in an inclusive discussion about Downtown. The visioning process helps residents, organizations, business owners, and stakeholders of the Downtown to coordinate efforts and identify their ideas and plans for the future. It is the vision of what a community wants to become and the steps needed to realize that vision.

Keep track of the project’s progress and participate in idea generating activities by visiting the project’s website at www.downtownwadsworth2016.com. 


Heroin and Opiate Awareness Campaign


Wadsworth is not alone in its efforts to help raise awareness and increase education regarding addiction and the ravages of the current heroin and opiate epidemic. “Ohio C.A.N.,” an affiliate of the “National Change Addiction Now” program, recognizes that addiction is a family disease and includes family members in the recovery assistance process. “Ohio C.A.N.” is hosting a community rally focusing on family drug abuse education and awareness in Cuyahoga Falls on May 21 from noon to 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend. Click here for more information.



RX to Heroin (PDF 3.4mb)

Did you know 90 percent of addictions start in the teen years? (2012 CASA Findings). Adolescence is the critical development time to talk about, stop or address addictions. Action by parents, family and friends is essential. Addiction is a complex brain disease. Learn how to have better conversations with your teen, be a better listener, and build a stronger bond. Encourage healthy risks, and find out how much you really know about their friends. Use the parent toolkit atwww.drugfree.org to learn tips and what to say to your adolescent.

Attached is a drug chart for parents that you can use to learn the facts about the (13) most commonly abused drugs. Also, please view the latest installment of Inside Wadsworth on my.pegcentral.com to see what the city and the schools are doing to raise awareness and address this issue in our community.

Drug Chart (PDF 1.5mb)

Clean Ohio Trails Fund Grant

The City of Wadsworth announces it has been awarded funding in the amount of $372,185 from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Clean Ohio Trails Fund, which will allow the City to construct a trail that could ultimately connect to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail.

For more information, Click Here.


Wadsworth, Ohio

The City of Wadsworth offers the quaintness of a small town, coupled with the sophistication of a community that is progressive enough to offer its own municipally-owned electric utility and high-speed internet and cable services. Residents' activities center around the strong Wadsworth City Schools, which are rated 'Excellent with Distinction' in the State; churches; and numerous civic organizations, including a very active Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Wadsworth organization. The City is a delightful mix of families who have been part of the community for several generations, younger families who have chosen to 'move back home' to Wadsworth, and new families who have only recently discovered this special city. Continued...